163 days until baby!


It’s been three months since I officially left the corporate world.

Summer has slowly slipped away, I’ve had my final holiday for 2017. The European long sunny days have been replaced with dark autumnal mornings and shorter, colder days.

I’ve spent my time getting to reignite my passions, i’ve taken drawing classes again (which I absolutely love!)

Getting back into my rhythm after an eventful and fun summer has taken lots of willpower and a strong adjustment of the mind. I’m very much conscious of the time I have left until my little one arrives in February! To be exact, I am now 23 weeks pregnant with 163 days until the BIG DAY!

With the prospect of my savings dwindling away prior to buying any baby essentials, the prospect of having no maternity benefits – yup nada!  I am in need to make some big mumma bucks before the arrival,  and the only way for this to happen is to buckle up, and get into serious action!

So ladies and gents, i’ll keep you updated on my e-commerce business , my mindset and motivation in the coming weeks … one thing for sure is that this is a serious feat that I have set myself!

Sammy xox



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