1 month since I quit

It’s been what feels like a long and productive and month since I quit my corporate job at the end of July.

The month of August has been mainly full of ups – keeping myself busy, waking up early, working on my business every day, going to the gym, networking, learning the back end of getting a online business going etc etc.

In addition to the busy month, I have also managed to rest and have enjoyed a short trip to a very hot Malta to visit a friend, and I have also just returned from a week in Ibiza with my husband.

I feel that going away is always so good for me, in addition to resting, I always find that I pick up new ideas and energy when I go away.  I’m also a bit of a sun and sea junkie, which means I’m always the happiest when I’m next to the sea and in the sun.

So the two trips away are what I’ve needed to recharge, rethink and get inspired.

Being the first week of September, it’s an action week, and therefore time to get back into it and get busy.

I’m well aware that time is ticking – I’m now at 4 months in of my pregnancy, with so far little symptoms. 🙂 (hurrah) I’m very much conscious of making every day count, and that for every day now that I work hard, it will pay off in the long run.



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