Since I quit my job….. Update



So today is my second day of ‘freedom’ from the corporate world. I’m sitting in a super chilled communal working area in Amsterdam hanging out with other Entrepreneurs. So here comes my first update as a ‘free woman’ 🙂

I’ve always dreamed about how it would feel to do my own thing, to be on my own agenda and live my passion.

With two days in, I feel like I’m currently going through a detox. I am tired and not feeling over super charged to get into things full swing. However, I feel that considering the past year has been a humongous roller coaster and that I need to take it easy on my self and practice some self-care.  I ‘m quite certain that had I stayed at work I would have had a burnout.

Whilst making money is on my mind, I appreciate that I’m on a journey right now. The first part of this journey requires me to take a break and plan where it is I’m going to go.

For now, I can simply reflect on the 6 things that I  have learnt since I have resigned;

1. Making a decision is always the best decision

For a long while I had thought about quitting my job, it had played on my mind for so long that it was becoming a topic of conversation far too often at home. Whilst my lovely husband has the patience of the saint, I admired just how long he was able to listen to me moaning about being unhappy and not complain about my indecision.

Ultimately, I came to the decision when I absolutely was at my wit’s end, and I felt like my body was making the decision for me. The decision was finally made and I handed in my notice.

2. Not everyone will support your decision

One of the reasons that I quit my job was because I felt like I was en route for a burnout. However, this wasn’t something that I showed to people at work, so I often felt like I was keeping up appearances for 8 hours, and then would get home feeling completely wiped.

So when it came to me leaving, many people were confused about my decision to leave, especially as I didn’t have a job lined up, or in fact any solid plan. Ultimately though it was my decision, my body and my mind and whilst it may not have been the most logical decision to make whilst pregnant – it felt like the healthiest decision to me.

3. Keeping your business plans quiet is beneficial at the start

I wasn’t 100% honest to my colleagues about my real reason for leaving, mainly because I feel that it is better to keep your dreams to yourself until they materialise. I am quite clear on what I want to achieve, but againI feel that the more input I get from others, the more noise I get in my head.

4. Expect doubt and down days

As much as I am living my dream to quit work and do my own thing, I am quite aware that doubt and down days are part of this package. In fact, since I resigned a month ago, I’ve had a few moments of doubt and some doubt in my mind about my decision.

Funnily enough, whenever that doubt kicked in, I was quickly reminded that my decision was in factthe right decision – for example meeting up with old colleagues who looked 100% happier and lighter since they also left.

5. Make a list of ways to get on up

In anticipation of my new lifestyle, routine and perhaps new mental challenges, I have created a list of activities which I know will bring me back up again. For example;

  • Listen to music
  • Go for a run
  • Listen to Tony Robins
  • Get creative – do some art work
  • Phone a supportive friend
  • Get some fresh air

My list goes on and on, but I’ve purposely made it long enough with all my natural uplifters in preparation for the natural highs and lows that will follow.

6. Make peace that not everything makes sense

My decision to quit my job when in my first trimester doesn’t make complete sense. In fact, it was completely illogical from a financial perspective.

However, my desire to leave was so much stronger that I had to accept and trust that this was 100% the right decision for me and my little bubba.

Sometimes in life we have to give over to the fact that we are supported, loved and that everything will, in fact, work out for us – with trust, determination and faith.





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