I Quit!

One week ago I was sitting at my desk, staring at the screen with tired heavy eyes, glancing over at the clock, again and again. 2:33pm, 2:44pm….time was moving slowly. Despite being really busy at work with an impending deadline, it felt like a really slow day.

Since it was a Friday,  there was nobody in my department and I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense that I was just wasting my time at, feeling unhappy and unsatisfied at work.

I had thought about quitting my job for some time, but I was really scared to make the move and take action. Now two years on, and the feeling was still present.

I was scared about people’s reaction, people would tell me  ”It’s hard to get a job when you don’t speak the language”, ”you’ll not find another job easily”, ”wait until you find another job first and then quit”,  ”you’d be crazy not to have something to go to next”.

I was scared that I had spent many years in a comfortable job, and I was scared that it would be hard to find nice colleagues and a cushy job next time round.

Most of all though, I was scared that I would be broke.  I’ve always had money issues and I never seem to be able to save enough despite having worked since my early teens. To add to this, I had the guilt of being 2 months pregnant… I mean who quits a safe job when they are about to start a whole new (and expensive) chapter??!!!

Staring at the clock, 3:57pm I felt a deep, deep pang of sadness. Is this it, I asked myself. After everything I’ve  been reading on personal development, after all of my talks on following my passion and living your bliss – is this actually it for me?

And then it happened – I decided I had to JUMP … I had to take action. For years I had dreamed of taking my business to the next level and actually applying the time to set it up, I dreamed of writing, drawing and making music and ultimately just allowing myself to fully be CREATIVE,  to follow my path and to see where it took me.

Suddenly back in the moment,  I felt so conscious of the time I had left, and the real moments I had to fully focus on my dreams before my new life as a mother would start, now I had the time to focus on me and my business and my passions and It was then crystal clear that I had to quit.

And so, at 4:11pm I took the action. I picked up the phone and took a deep breath and dialled my manager’s number……


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