Hairy Tales -my experience with PRP

My mum always warned me that I should leave my curly hair alone. Little did she know that her pleas caused her teenage daughter to do quite the opposite.

It’s almost funny now when I think about it, that in a time before hair straighteners I felt the need to place my head on the ironing board and iron my beautiful curls out – I swear this was a thing ( ask your mothers !)

My hair endured years of abuse, never satisfied with my brown tumbling ringlets.  I was forever on the quest to dye, straighten, lengthen with extensions, permanently relax and style my hair in ways which made my mother, and my hair upset.

I thought I was improving myself and making myself look less exotic, If I’m honest I didn’t feel comfortable with big curly (sometimes frizzy) hair , nor did I know how to deal with my curly mixed race hair. I think I believed that if I had straightened my hair to look like Caucasian hair, perhaps it would behave that way too!!

So of course over time my hair changed, weakened and reduced to look rather lifeless and fine. At first, I didn’t really notice, but there was a very distinct moment when I remember looking back at a photo of me aged 17 with a full flowing mane of hair ( and a mouth full of braces) and I thought WoW I’ve really fucked this up!!!!

What I really lost though was a whole lot of confidence. As women, we are expected to have a full crown of luscious hair, and so I felt quite unfeminine and it soon became my mission to fix my hair and reclaim it to its full self.

I spent years looking into lotions, potions, treatments – literally, your name it and I’ve tried it!  Some worked, and others were just a waste of money and energy.
One treatment that I did like is the PRP treatment which is;

PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking results. With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated.

I was so impressed with the first session that I had 6 months ago that I decided to return to the clinic in the hope of resuscitating my hair once and for all.

Having just stepped out of my second treatment this evening, I feel like I’ve left with a head full of small holes due to the thin needle – although I didn’t actually feel anything due to the anaesthetic. However, I do feel that I’ve almost had a double win today as the effect has given my forehead a temporary Botox look (Winning !).

The treatment itself involved the doctor sterilising my scalp with alcohol, taking some blood from my arm which is then spun at a high rate in a special machine. The plasma is separated from the blood ( it looks pretty cool ) and this is then inserted carefully into the scalp. The theory is that it restores and stimulates the scalp to start producing hair follicles.

From my first session, I saw great results within a month, with the fine hair growing back in thicker and my hair has more of a bounce. I was going through a winter shed and the PRP stopped it from progressing.

Overall I was really happy with my experience with PRP and  I’m looking forward to seeing the results in the next 6 months with my natural curly hair.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section below……


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