Paying It Forward

I’ve always been thoughtful. I consider that a good quality in me. However, since Unleash The Power Within 2017, I have been more mindful of immediately giving back.
I don’t know how, or why, the thoughts just come to me. Perhaps I’m seeing humanity in a different way. The day that UPW2017 finished I went to McDonald’s. Haha, I know we’re supposed to eat well, go on a detox and do other such like food tonics, but, I was hungry and had a long journey ahead of me.
I pulled up with Sammy to the drive through. There was a homeless man there. I asked him what he wanted, he said money, I only had my card. I asked him if he wanted food he said no, I said I had water, he got straight up and took a few bottles.
Forward to today. I have embarked on a mindfulness course. It’s an intensive course delivered exceptionally well by a psychotherapist and counsellor. I was on my way and stopped off at the shops to get a notepad and pen. This particular mini supermarket was only selling a school set complete with compass and protractor. I asked the floor manager if I could take his pen!
Never would I have done this before, he said yes. I went to the till paid and bought him a lottery ticket as a way of saying thanks. He was happy. I was happy. I hope he won. I never waited to find out.
My lesson. See everyone as equal and share the kindness & happiness.

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