First week back after Tony Robbins 2017 Who are you now?

I work for myself. I have 50 staff and after Tony Robbins, I felt a changed person. The interesting part is how I would behave going back to work. Whether I could implement drive and enthusiasm and momentum in my daily work life. I drove to work, music blaring. I felt good. Amazing in fact. I was smiling, dancing in my seat and this girl was on fire!
I walked in. Head held high, shoulders back, smile on my face. This girl was back. In one morning I’d shifted the staff energy, motivated the Managers, and kicked butt ( in the kindest way possible). I have learnt that sometimes being a leader requires a gear shift, a change in physiology, state and mindset. Sometimes I don’t have it. Sometimes I’m just plain tired. This is where constant investment in yourself helps and is paramount. I need to remember – The minute I do take the control back – Is the minute change happens. If I want change. I have to own it. Own it. Own it. Own it. Once you do, it’s inevitable that change will filter through to those you love, your colleagues, in my case, my business.
My family and friends see a change in me. They haven’t said it directly, but the look they give me, is one of curiousness, a look of interest and always a look of slight bewilderment. I think they like the new me. I know I do. This girl is here to stay.

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