One Thing

Do you suffer from a short attention span? Do you start something, and then stop because a better idea has come in?

I get you! I really do  🙂 I’m the kind of person who gets a brilliant idea and then goes on a roll , and then get’s distracted as I want to try a new sport, new food, start a new meetup group or business all at the same time… just too many ideas… some crazy and some not so.. 🙂 🙂

The real problem is not so much that I have all these ideas or goals. What stops me from achieving my goals is that I procrastinate and feel overwhelmed at the task at hand.

So, the tip I want to share with you is this. Start down by writing of your ideas down on a piece of paper so it could be 1) launching my online business 2) learn french 3) get fit 4) eating healthy 5) learn salsa

  • Write down why you are passionate about each idea and the effort you will put in to achieve this.
  • State clearly the time/ effort you can put into these ideas in the next 3 months (remember it should be a realistic goal)
  • Pick the ONE  that you feel the most compelled to act on. (Of course, you can focus on your other ideas once you have completed this process)
  • Take a note card, and on one side list all the pleasures associated with taking the action and on the other side write out the pains. For example:

Losing 5kg by going to the gym

Pleasure: losing weight, feeling energised, feeling happy, Feeling proud, looking sexy in my bikini and underwear :), getting my breath back!

Pain: Feeling guilty, piling on the weight, sadness, shame.

Next time you feel like not going to the gym, have a look at the note card and the feelings of pain associated with not going to the gym. Really focus on that for 20 seconds …… how do you feel now? The feeling associated with not going to the gym should be strong enough to move you into momentum….

Try it out for one of your goals!

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