The Power of Music & Momentum

UPW Day One

There aren’t many people out there these days who haven’t heard about the motivational speaker Tony Robbins.
He is a powerful , magnificent and influential motivational speaker who has changed the lives of millions of people across the planet.
I came across Tony some years ago when I started getting interested in the personal development space.  To me what really makes him stand out from the rest is his ability to dissect a problem which may have engulfed a person for years, and to transform and condition a person so that they create a new state to overcome their challenge.
So much so that Tony can get someone who has been depressed with suicidal thoughts for years to instantly get to a new state and decide, commit and resolve their inner force to create a new and positive momentum.
I wanted to see the genius at work, so I finally signed up to a UPW event in London. I can honestly say , day 1 – that Tony Robbins is pure genius. From speaking for 10 hours straight , with such forceful enthusiasm that makes you seriously want to cross your legs in hope that you don’t miss anything by taking a toilet break.
Every word he uttered was insightful, meaningful and effective. I literally found myself on the edge of my seat.
Had you asked me pre UPW if I could have lasted a 10 hour straight seminar – I would have said a definant NO – it’s not possible. But one powerful lessonI learnt on day one is that Momentum is the driving force for change. Music is power, dancing is engaging and with the two combined you can get into a peak state and get to a new level ready for peak performance.

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